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Wedding planning takes a lot of work. There are many elements that have to fall into place for everything to run smoothly. If you are not sure where to start, we can offer advice and guidance ranging from marriage licenses to wedding protocol.

Wedding 101

You want your wedding to be perfect. And to make sure that it is, you need as much information as possible to help you organize it. Some of the most vital details you need to know involve:

  • Sample Ceremonies
  • Follow-up Instructions for Changing Marital Status after the Wedding
  • Wedding Party Processional and Recessional Protocol
  • Legal Requirements for a California Marriage License

Bride and Groom Kissing After Getting Married

Wedding Officiant Fee - $395

Even a small wedding can be expensive. But we charge a competitive rate that will not cause your wedding budget to balloon out of control. Nominal travel fees also apply. Our rate includes:

  • Preliminary Consultation
  • Personalized Ceremony
  • Officiation of Ceremony
  • Bound Copy of Ceremony
  • Filing of Legal Documents


Many couples have a rehearsal to make sure everyone in the wedding party knows where to stand and what to do. There is an additional fee of $95 if you require us at the rehearsal.